Recent Articles

Other Order: Sound Walk for an Urban Wild, August 2017
Leonardo Electronic Almanac, December 2015
Restless: Locative Media as Generative Displacement

Ubiquitous Computing, Complexity and Culture, Routledge 2015
Jay David Bolter Interview with Teri Rueb
Online Companion to the Publication

Essays in Books
Locative Media: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Media and Locality, Edited by Regine Buschauer and Katharine Willis [Transcript Verlag, 2013]

Small Tech: The Culture of Digital Tools, Edited by Byron Hawk, Ollie Ovieto and David Reider [Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2008]

Second Person: Role-playing and Story in Games and Playable Media, Edited by Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin [MIT Press, 2007]

Information Arts: Intersections of Art Science and Technology, Edited by Stephen Wilson [MIT Press, 2003]

Teaching Publications
Leonardo Electronic Almanac: Special Issue on Locative Media

Online Exhibitions
Re-Drawing Boundaries, Leonardo Electronic Almanac New Media Exhibition
Interview with Teri Rueb
Curator Jeremy Hight
Senior Curators: Lanfranco Aceti and Christiane Paul

Significant Mentions in Books
Undermining: A Wild Ride in Words and Images through Land Use Politics in the Changing West, by Lucy Lippard [The New Press, 2014]

Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art, by Katja Kwastek [MIT Press, 2013]

Walking and Mapping: Artists as Cartographers, by Karen O’Rourke [MIT Press, 2013]

Digital Art, by Christiane Paul [Thames and Hudson: World of Art Series, 2008]