Of Land and Dreams – 2017

Of Land and Dreams


Teri Rueb and Alan Price
With the Of Land and Dreams collective


Of Land and Dreams is a collaborative mapping project engaging land and community-based artistic practices, with a focus on the land, water and people of the Dakotas.

The Dakotas have become the focus and symbol of contemporary debate about land, water and natural resources. How can this conversation be carried forward with an ear to the questions and issues as they arise from the land itself? What dreams might be revealed if we listen to the land?

Of Land and Dreams invites you to participate in the collaboration by contributing images, text, sounds, video - anything that expresses a deeply felt connection to the land in the Dakotas and beyond. Contributions become part of a collaborative mapping in the form of a large digital projection in the Johnson Gallery and online. Each tile in the mapping will hold an image, text, or media element contributed to the project - a tapestry to honor and bear witness to an extraordinary land and people.

The free mobile app allows you to post media and geolocate it to your location, as well as browse contributions made by other participants. Alternatively, you can post media to our FB page and it will become part of the collaborative map (see links to both in right column).

Your contributions of images, video, sound and stories about the land become woven into a large-scale projected digital mapping. Media can be uploaded by participants using:

Of Land and Dreams


We encourage participation at any stage of the project, but especially now, during the exhibition, which runs from April 21-August 22, 2017. All are welcome to participate, regardless of location.

Teri Rueb and Alan Price will be present at the opening reception on April 21 at the Johnson Fine Arts Center Gallery (JFAC) on the NSU campus, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., and will give a public artist talk the same day from 12:00 - 1:00, also at the JFAC.

Contact Greg Blair or Teri Rueb for more information:





© Teri Rueb / Alan Price and the Of Land and Dreams collective 2017
Stills (4) from 24' x 10' projection in gallery

Mobile App Instructions
Of Land and Dreams collective: Special thanks to Thomas Bachand for pipeline mappings, Crystal Harper and Jordan Anderson for creative focus and community outreach, Lara Nelson and Gordon Tree Top for guiding the process from the start, Greg Blair for curatorial vision and Sara Christensen Blair for graphic design. Gratia Brown, Gayantha Wickramarathne, Ioana Hojda, Eleni Aman, Donovan Kopetsky, Justice Swift-Red Hawk, Kirsten Krueger, Nicolas Harrison, Nik Aberle, Susie Ewinger, Jen Jewett Martel, Alicia Dohn, Terry Means, Douglas E. Taylor, Kristine Hill, Cindy Kirschman, Rocky Eaton, Samantha Walder, Brooke Whitney, Carol Diaz, JL Menzel, Cricket Cake, Dave Swain, Dawn Menning
Chief curator:
Greg Blair, Johnson Art Gallery, Northern State University
Graphic design:
Sara Christensen-Blair
Northern State University