CAIRNS: a series of interactive sound sculptures

(from a series of 8 interactive sculptures that will become part of a 20 unit installation)
1/2" sheet glass, aluminum, shale, mica, lighbox, custom-programmed interactive sound

The series of interactive sculptures includes linear and interactive sound elements that respond to viewers' shadows and movement. In Cairn II a linear recording of a rushing river plays in a continuous loop. The sound is emitted from within the sculpture at a relatively low volume, forcing viewers to draw nearer to the glassy surface of the sculpture which reflects one's image infinitely. In Cairn IV the echoed and distorted sound of dripping water plays in response to the viewer's shadow as it is cast across the sculpture. As the viewer's shadow grows larger, the dripping seems to accelerate; as the shadow grows more dense (with close proximity), the volume of the sound increases.

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